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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Real Talk

   Hi, everyone!

   In the last post I failed to mention that ;because of my new job, I had to drop out of school. And after the breakup with my boyfriend, I have been thinking about what I want to do with my life. Well, there are a few things that I want to do. One of them being going back to school and finishing my degree or starting a new one. I want to get into reptile breeding in hopes of lowering the number of bush babies being brought into the country and sold as well as making some of the more expensive color morphs and patterns of reptiles more affordable for the average person. Another thing I want to do is make something out of myself with my art.
   I have thought about moving up north before and now I have been thinking about it more seriously than ever. I have a friend who also wants to move up north and we have been conversing back and forth about it and where we would want to go. However, we both know that it would take about three years for us to save up for the move and one of us would have to move up there first to secure a house and a job. But we came to the conclusion that we would probably end up in Washington. Of course, we would most likely live near the coast and between us both we would need a fairly decent sized place. And in Olympia, they have a liberal arts school called Evergreen State College that I would try to get into under a transfer degree. But living up there is expensive, but the cost of living is higher there, so you end up getting paid more at a job up there than I do here in Tennessee. That is why I mentioned in the previous post that I will be selling prints. I'll let you know the prices of them when I get ready to start posting them.
   Aside from all of that, what are your thoughts about moving up to WA? Do you think it would be a good move? Or do you have a better place in mind that would be worth looking into? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

So, until then--
Cya! <3

-Phlox Creations

Saturday, October 14, 2017

I swear I'm not dead!

   Hello, everyone!

   I know it's been a while and I have said this before, but some things have happened and now I am back for good this time. The reason why I have been gone for so long is actually due to multiple events that have happened in my life. The first big change that happened is getting a new job. I no longer have to clean up after high schoolers!!!! Instead, I now work in a factory, operating machines that weld car mufflers together before shipping them off to be placed under a car in another factory. Aside from that, my grandfather passed away, my grandmother has been in and out of the hospital a few times, I ended up in the ER one night and got hurt at work two times, and my boyfriend of five years ended up breaking up me... That all happened within the past four to five months, so it's been pretty busy around here. But now I will have time for art and animating short films and all of that fun stuff. However, I want to be able to have completed pieces of art to post. So, I will start posting one drawing every week at the beginning of the year. This will give me time to work on several pieces now and get on a routine so work doesn't end up interfering with posting art. Also, the completed art pieces will have watermarks over them since I will be selling prints of various sizes and prices. They will be for sale with limited quantities. The amount of prints I make will depend on how popular they are, but there will never be a print exceeding 100 prints up for grabs. To purchase a print, there will be a link in the description under the watermarked piece that leads you to where you can purchase it and select the size you want to buy. Again, they will not be available until the first of the year and only when it is posted. I will keep you all posted on the progress and keep an eye out for sneak peeks at some of the pieces that will be up for sale in the near future!

So, until then--
Cya! <3

-Phlox Creations

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Storyboards from class!

   Well, this is going to be a big post. My past and current classes have been dealing with story boarding and 3D animations. The last story board in this post is not finished yet, but I am going to complete it and turn it into an animatic with narration.

   For this storyboard, I had to create a commercial for a realtor based off a script I was given by my instructor.

   For my other class, I was told to create a character for a fairy tale with a twist. I chose the original little mermaid with a gender swap. It was a lot of fun to work on, but my instructor didn't like my original character shown above. I was told that he was too simple and needed more details and that his proportions were too cartoon like. I was fine with that since it was cartoon style that I was trying out. So, I ended up going back to my old style for the storyboard.

   For that same class, I had to create a background. Yes, I know... It looks really busy, but I need everything to be pretty bold in this one for when I add color to it. The smaller fish and dolphins in the background will end up looking like silhouettes do give depth to the piece.

   For my other 3D animation class, I had to draw an action storyboard with a character either dancing or fighting. I chose to go with jumpstyle. My finished animation for it is not good. So, I will post it when I got it fixed. (I'm still trying to learn the program)

    This is the Little Merman and The Princess storyboard that I have been working on. As you can see, it's far from completed, but it is all planned out. I would like to have it completed and an animatic made for it by the end of the year. After the animatic is completed, I might turn it into an animation.

   My current classes are turning out to be pretty fun. For my background and layout design class, I had to create an interior and exterior design for a story I had to create. I chose to base it on my everyday life. The backstory is based on how I got to where I am today. I just thought it was be fun to animate my life at some point.

   Anyways, I will try to post more often with the new classes I am taking. They had a lot more drawing assignments in them than my last ones did. But, I hope you enjoyed checking these out. If you have any ideas you would like for me to possibly work on and post, you can send it o my e-mail at: phloxcreations@gmail.com

So, until then--
Cya! <3

-Phlox Creations