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Friday, November 25, 2016

2D Animation Class

   For this class, I had to create two characters. The first one I had to create is a griffin.

   I thought she turned out pretty good and after working with the character a bit more, I have decided to make a short animation staring her. It might take a little while to complete it, but I think you all will enjoy seeing it.

   For the next assignment in class, I had to create a walk cycle for my character.

   After creating the walk cycle for the character, I had to draw three different backgrounds. After drawing the backgrounds, I had to choose one to add my character to.

   I chose the first background since my character was walking across the screen.

   For my third week of class, I had to take my character and create a head turn with a reaction. Technically, I did not finish the assignment, but I did cover all of the requirements for it. I do plan to finish it and when I do, it will get uploaded on here for you guys to check it out.

      For my fourth week of class, I had to create both a realistic four-legged walk cycle and a cartoon four-legged walk cycle. They were both pretty fun, but they are a bit rough.

For the fifth week, I had to draw another character rotation. 

   And for my final to complete my 5.5 weeks of class, I had to create a running turn in perspective. I didn't use the base structure for a previous character. Instead, I used the base structure for a completely new character. Hopefully, I'll have the new character's design completed soon and drawn in the animation shown above. When it's completed, I'll post it on here. 

   My next set of classes begin Monday. I have a my second math class and a 3D texturing class, so I should have some time to draw and animate. I hope you all enjoyed my creations.

So, until then--
Cya! <3

-Phlox Creations

Acting & Movement for Animators Class

   In one of my previous classes we were given the task of creating characters.

   A couple of the characters are ones I have drawn before in a digital program, but have redrawn on paper for the assignment.

   For the assignment where these drawings come into play, we had to create a scene where a man is at a bar and notices his ex there. We had to storyboard the actions and reaction. I would like to go back and create a short animated film about this. If that happens, I'll make sure you all get to see it first.

   They're not the best drawings, but for the assignment, we had to draw different facial expressions based on assigned scenarios.

   Then, we had to add expressive poses to the previous facial expression assignment.

    For the assignment where these drawings were used, we had to make a character act out what they do if they found $100 laying on the floor.

   For my final for the class, I had to create a character sheet for one of the characters I had created.

   I hope you enjoyed viewing my creations from my Acting and Movement for Animators class.

So, until then--
Cya! <3

-Phlox Creations


I noticed a couple of my videos didn't play when I posted them. I hope this fixes them. 

Update and 3D models!

   I know it's been a while again. Classes are getting more difficult now since I made it through the first year of my college experience. So, I will start posting once or twice a month. If I have time to post more often, then I will. This time, I have a bunch of stuff to post, so be prepared for it all. There are animations and some 3D models of a room I had to create. My 3D models aren't that great, but I hope you enjoy seeing them.