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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When it rains, it pours... But after the storms, rainbows can be seen.

   Sorry about not posting recently. A lot has been happening lately. Within a couple weeks, I had two family members pass away. I would have mentioned something sooner, but with everything that has happened, I'm honestly still a little shocked. I knew one of my grandmothers had been sick for a while. She had a cancerous brain tumor that really took it's toll on her. I regret not talking to her more often. When she passed away, I had planned to call her that day and talk to her about making a trip to visit her up north the weekend after only to find out about what happened. I miss her a ton, but at least she's not suffering anymore. Then, almost exactly two weeks later, I got a call at 5:59 AM on May 4th. My Aunt told me to wake my grandmother up and let her know that my Uncle had suddenly passed. The cause was a massive heart attack. He was a marine when he was younger, so they had a military funeral for him over the weekend. I did get to see one of my cousins again. The last time I saw her was when I was four and she was five. So, I got to reconnect with her, though I wish it had been under better circumstances. At the funeral, it was announced in front of everyone that she had a 14 year old half brother, which meant that my other cousins and I had another cousin. It was nice getting to meet him, but it just added more to take in at the time. The kid knew of my uncle, but did not know about my uncle being his father until it was announced during the funeral. Personally, I feel it should have been told to just the family at that time and not at the funeral, but perhaps sometime after. Later that night, my cousins and I went to Waffle House to talk about the events of the day and catch up with each other. We ended up making a tower of coffee creamers and silverware. The chef was kind enough to make us some french toast, even though they don't serve it there. We stayed there chatting for roughly a few hours before going back to the hotel.
   I feel that the bond between me and my cousins is stronger now after reconnecting with each other. I think we realized that we're all a bit alike instead of just being tied together by blood. It's actually a bit funny when I think about it. My one cousin that I haven't seen since I was four until now, is actually very similar to me, which makes it easier to understand each other. We have already made plans for a visit in a couple years too.
   After getting back, I received an email from one of my previous professors at the college I'm going to. I had asked her if she would be able to help me find a mentor for my art. In the email, she told me she has found someone who graciously accepted. With that being said, I'm excited and a bit nervous, but I'm willing to give this my all and improve my art to find a job in the near future.

So, until then--
Cya! <3

-Phlox Creations

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