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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hey! Guess what?!?!

   Just a quick update with a couple compositions I did in the past couple weeks in school. I did get A's in my previous classes and I got accepted into both Kappa Pi and NTHS. The two compositions below are from my previous classes. The top one is of myself holding my iguana. There is a theme for all of the assignments in my Life Drawing and Gesture class. For every assignment, we have to show the relationship between a human and their animal. It's pretty fun, but I would rather focus more on character creations rather than drawing still life compositions of models that I don't know. It's hard to really get a feel for the relationship between a human and their pet if you have never seen them interact with each other before. 
   Anyway, the bottom drawing is a two-point perspective composition of an imagined house. I had to leave the guidelines in for this assignment so my professor could see how we got the angles. I absolutely love my Perspective Drawing class. I'm really looking forward to using what I learned from this class in future fantasy pieces.
   There are a few class projects that I am currently working on at this moment, so make sure you check back for more updates and art!

So, until then--
Cya! <3

-Phlox Creations

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