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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's been a little while, how about some art?????? =^owo^=

   The designs at the bottom are the most recent. The one at the very bottom is just an updated version of Ruined City after adjusting the hues and saturation. This is what I have been doing in my classes. I have been learning how to use Photoshop by creating a caricature called Computer Critter Chris. For that project, we were given several names and were told to create a caricature for the name. The other designs were for my Digital Color Theory class. We had to experiment with the three color wheels, color pallets, and values and saturation. It was a lot of fun being able to have creative freedom with most of the assignments. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I did!

   My next classes begin Thursday, March 3rd. I will be taking Life Drawing and Gesture, as well as Perspective Drawing. I'm excited about taking both classes, but more so about the Perspective Drawing class. ((All classes are 5.5 weeks long.))

   I am keeping all A's in my classes so far. Hopefully I can continue to keep all A's. Other than that, I have an update on life. My boyfriend and I ended up talking about what we're going to do after I graduate in about four years. Depending on where I am able to get a job, we plan to get a house. We started saving money and formed a savings plan. By the time I graduate, we should have enough to cover a down payment for a house and six months to a year wroth of bills. Which should give him plenty of time to find a job if we have to move out of TN. 

   We also had "The Talk." We came to an agreement of not getting married until we are settled in a house with jobs. By the time I graduate, we will have been together for about seven years. Right now, it has only been just over three. I'm not sure how he's been able to put up with me. Lol. Anyway, keep being awesome, everyone! I'm going to work on posting about one piece every week, or every other week. It depends on what projects I will be working on in my classes and how much time I have left over after my assignments are completed.

So, until then--
Cya! <3

-Phlox Creations

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