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Sunday, December 6, 2015

New Computer!!!

   Sorry about not posting any creations over last weekend. Between traveling for Thanksgiving and trying to get to the Black Friday sales... It was hectic to say the least. Plus, I did still have to work on my class work. But enough with my excuses. Haha.
    I had to get a new computer for school. And since it got here sooner than I thought it would, I have been trying to get it set up to run all of my art programs. It has a bigger screen; 23", so I will be able to add more details to my creations now that I will be able to see them better. Next weekend I should have all of my programs installed. Through my school, I get the Adobe Cloud bundle, so I will be experimenting with the programs it offers.

So, until then--
Cya! <3

-Phlox Creations

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