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Monday, August 31, 2015

Christmas Cardinal W.I.P. (All other projects put on hold)

   All other projects have been put on hold. I was able to talk to someone who owns a local business today. We talked about the possibilities of putting my art in his store. He agreed to it as long as I can come up with some drawings tat are nature related and realistic. So, for the time being, I will be working on some Cardinal drawings for Christmas since it's not too far away. I might even draw some for fall with some crows. But, the one above will be what I am currently working on. Also, If you would like to purchase signed and numbered print(s) of any of my art, you can contact me for more information at: phloxcreations@gmail.com

As always, I appreciate your support!
So, until then--
Cya! <3

-Phlox Creations

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