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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Blender W.I.P. Progress

   Hey, guys.
   Sorry I didn't post the other day like I said I would. I had something come up that was heartbreaking. A good friend of mine died the other day and I was planning on calling him this weekend to surprise him; and the others that are in our group, with the idea of a short film of our fursonas. Technically, I could still create it, but Snowy's character wouldn't have a voice since we would voice our own characters. However, we could make it work with body language.
   Anyway, the pictures above are the continuation of my last post. I realized afterwards that I made a slight error and decided to just call this a practice piece. My next creation will be completed 100%. It will be of my character, Phlox. As soon as Phlox is completed, I will create the other characters for the short film, then begin learning how to animate them. I'll be sure post my progress and keep you all updated. So, until then, I hope you all enjoy it!!

~Phlox Creations

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