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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Menneko's Tofurricane: Complete!

   For my friend Menneko! Hope you like it!! =^w^=

~Phlox Creations

Menneko's Tofurrican: W.I.P.

   Tofu + Hurricane = Tofurricane lol Hmmm... Like this, maybe? =^o.O^=

~Phlox Creations

Menneko's Character: Complete!

   Thank you for letting me draw her, Menneko!!! I had a blast working on it. I hope you like her.

~Phlox Creations

Menneko's Character: W.I.P. Line work done!

   Almost complete, Menneko!

~Phlox Creations

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Menneko's Character: W.I.P.

   I'm working on this drawing for my friend Menneko. I will work more on it tomorrow. Hope you like it so far.

~Phlox Creations

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

BakuFox's Character: Completed

   Thank you again for letting me draw her!!! I had fun drawing her and I might go back at a later date to add some shading. I hope you like her!

~Phlox Creations

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

BakuFox's Character Concept: My Version

   Hey, everybody!
   I did get permission from my friend on IMVU; BakuFox, to redraw her drawing. This is just the the basic, rough frame of it, but I hope you all enjoy it! I will be working on it more tomorrow, so stay posted!

~Phlox Creations

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Issues with Blender and things to come.

   Ello, everyone!

   So; as you all know, I have been working on learning the proper way to use Blender. One thing I have come to notice while using the program, is that it slows my laptop down a ton and occasionally causes my computer to freeze. I am working on getting my CDL to become a bus driver as well as a custodian at a local high school. If I'm able to do so, I will be bringing in enough money per month to build a desktop computer which I need so I will be able to use Blender without the issues I'm currently having.
   What will be taking place until then:
   I will be working on drawings daily at the beginning of the week. I will be posting sketches first, then line work, and finally fully detailed creations. Some of the creations will not be seen anywhere aside from my patreon account.
   Also, I am open for commissions. Commission prices vary depending on the amount of detail I have to put into them. If you are interested in a commission, you can either leave a comment on here or e-mail me at: phloxcreations@gmail.com
   If you would like to help support my art, my patreon is: www.patreon.com/PhloxCreations
   If you would like more information or to request something you would like to draw, you can either comment or e-mail me. Don't forget to check back for more art and posts!

~Phlox Creations

Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Patreon

   For those of you whom are interested in helping to support my art, I do have a patreon account.


   There's a monthly raffle for everyone who pledges. Also, if there is something you would like to see me draw, you can request it. As soon as I start my summer shift hours, there will be a lot more art being posted both on here and on my patreon. There will be some art posted on my patreon that you will not be able to see anywhere else. Also, if there is a prize you would like me to add to the raffle each month, feel free to request it! Thank you for supporting my art!!!

~Phlox Creations

Blender W.I.P. Progress

   Hey, guys.
   Sorry I didn't post the other day like I said I would. I had something come up that was heartbreaking. A good friend of mine died the other day and I was planning on calling him this weekend to surprise him; and the others that are in our group, with the idea of a short film of our fursonas. Technically, I could still create it, but Snowy's character wouldn't have a voice since we would voice our own characters. However, we could make it work with body language.
   Anyway, the pictures above are the continuation of my last post. I realized afterwards that I made a slight error and decided to just call this a practice piece. My next creation will be completed 100%. It will be of my character, Phlox. As soon as Phlox is completed, I will create the other characters for the short film, then begin learning how to animate them. I'll be sure post my progress and keep you all updated. So, until then, I hope you all enjoy it!!

~Phlox Creations

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Blender 3D Art W.I.P.

   Hey, guys!
   First of all, I want to apologize for the horrible looking photos. My phone absolutely hates taking pictures of my computer screen. I would have posted a better picture of it, but my computer doesn't want to let me save my work under anything different than a blender file. But, it could also be just the default settings on blender. I'll have to read into it more.
   Anyway, as you all know, I have been trying to learn how to use Blender; 3D art/animation program. I have two projects I'm working on right now. My progress can be seen in the photos above. I'll be working more on it tomorrow and will share what I have done on it then. So, until then make sure to stay updated!! Hope you all like it so far!

~Phlox Creations

Monday, May 11, 2015

Wacom Cintiq

   Totally just found something I would love to have. Most of you know that art is my life. It's what I spend most of my time studying and working on. I hope to become a great artist one day and make a career out of. I work mainly on digital art using the program Paint Tool SAI and my Wacom Bamboo Tablet. I recently downloaded Blender, a 3D art/animation program and am learning how to use it properly right now. I pretty much have the basics down. But; even though it is short key complex, for the sculpting portion of it, my tablet is the best method.
    My tablet plugs into my laptop via usb. While drawing on my tablet, I have to look at my computer screen. It was difficult when I first began using it, but I'm used to it now. But because I'm used to it, it makes traditional drawings difficult for me. I would like to have something which would allow me to not only better my art digitally, but traditionally as well.


    And I believe I have found my solution. The Wacom Cintiq. It's a tablet with a screen that I can actually draw on, but still be able to have all of the functions I need to be able to correct errors in proportion as well as mirror it to keep it symmetrical. I can still use Blender and SAI on it, but it's portable so I can take it with me and work on art without having to lug my computer; and everything else that goes with it, around. The only problem I have right now is saving up for it. It's not cheap, that's for sure.
    So, I am offering commissions for donations in hopes of getting a Wacom Cintiq by the end of the year. The commissions will be of your choice; of course, and for any donation of any amount. If you are interested, you can either send me a message on here or at;


Thank you for your time and consideration,
~Phlox Creations

Learning Blender

   Hey, guys!

   So, I pretty much have Blender figured out now. As I'm learning how to use it properly, I have started two projects. One of then is a basic human character. I found a really good tutorial to learn from. Daniel Kreuter has some amazingly easy to go by tutorials for using Blender. So, if you would like to learn how to use it properly, he would be a good person to check out on youtube. I will be taking the basics of his character and turning it into my own.
   My second project is making an angel dragon. I will be taking my fursona; Phlox the coon/fox, and turning her into an angel dragon. As soon as I have completed both of the projects I'm working on now, I will begin a third of Phlox in her original form and add animation to her. I'm looking forward to sharing my progress with you all. I hope you enjoy it!!!

~Phlox Creations

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Possible 3D art on the way!

   I downloaded both Sculptris and Blender last night. I will be taking a short break from my regular art to play with and learn how to use both of my new programs. I will post what I have created as soon as I learn how to use them. Wish me luck!

~Phlox Creations

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

WoW Draenei

IT LIVES!!!! Finally complete. I hope you enjoy it!

~Phlox Creations

Friday, May 1, 2015

Almost Complete!

I just have to complete the weapon in grayscale, then color it. I hope you enjoy it!

~Phlox Creations